Connolly and C.W. Dixey & Son

Whether or not you wear glasses, it is fun trying a new look. Come and meet our newest arrival, Dixey & Sons, the world’s oldest and best eyewear manufacturers. With an extraordinary history, the company now makes some of the most stylish frames available. On Thursday 20th April, Dixey will be creating a pop-up within Connolly so please put it in your diary and drop in for a glass of milk. Milk? See below for the story. And if you don’t think you look more handsome or beautiful wearing some Dixey frames, we will eat our (equally stylish cashmere bobble) hats.

5–8pm Thursday 20th April 2017
Presentation by Simon Palmer at 6.30pm
To attend click here

Receive a complimentary Connolly leather glasses case when you purchase a pair of C.W. Dixey and Son spectacles

C.W. Dixey & Son

You might think ‘eyewear’ is a new thing. But did you know that the oldest eyewear company in the world was founded in London in 1777? That its customers included Napoleon, Churchill, the Emperor of China and seven successive kings and queens of England? That it is family-owned, British and still going strong, a best-kept secret amongst its devoted customers?

You will only find wonderful things at Connolly and our latest arrival is C.W. Dixey & Son. We are one of very few places you can find their extraordinary and beautiful frames. Made of the finest quality materials, they strike a fine balance between retro and modern and just look refreshingly different. There is a curated range of spectacle and sunglass frames and even if you don’t wear glasses, we suggest you still give them a try. The charming Ivan, who runs the Connolly store, wears a different frame each day, just because they look so good. We think you’ll agree!

And the bit we love? 240 years ago, when Dixey opened its doors on Bond Street, just yards away from our home on Clifford Street, they kept a handsome cow tethered outside to refresh thirsty customers. Given our love of all things ‘cow’, is it any wonder that we love this company?