Photograph by Richard Foster


Connolly to the Rescue!

SCENE: the outer reaches of the lovely Heathrow long-term car park. Long trip, dark rainy night. All those unnecessary electronics on your frightfully expensive car have taken their toll and there is only an ominous click when you try to start. Two hours waiting for the RAC or… are you prepared like a good boy scout/girl guide? Connolly to the rescue! Inspired by the original half-moon toolkit, we asked Sebastian Conran to turn his attention to some other motoring essentials. First up is the Jump Lead Kit – no mere set of jump leads, it contains a neat power pack which will get you moving in no time. Handily it can also be used to charge your phone, tablet or computer. Beautifully packed away in a gorgeous calf leather case, it has been finished with our trademark details such as a ‘Made in England’ tonneau clip usually found on vintage cars, and the hex rivet base studs reminiscent of wire-wheel centre nuts. And for when things are running a little more smoothly, the collection also includes the Binocular Case (which doesn’t actually contain binos, but something more fortifying), Wine Cooler and Cool Bag, all styled in Sebastian’s inimitable aesthetic. To go with these your car should of course at all times carry a gorgeous Connolly picnic rug, for impromptu feasts, either on the lawns of Glyndebourne or beside a Scottish loch. Removeable thermos panels allow the carriers to be used for other items such as cameras and laptops, which is a good thing because they are so beautiful to the touch, you will want to use them regularly. Each one is made by an individual craftsman from start to finish and there are only a limited number of pieces at any one time. So as Bear Grylls, Chief Scout, would say… be prepared.