Binoculars Case £3000
Photography by Richard Foster


Bottoms Up!

Picture the scene: You are an adventurous, extremely magnetic and generous soul, out rambling with some of your oldest friends, through the undulating Scottish Highlands. Alongside your Lovat tweeds you are carrying a leather, silk grain calf, Connolly Binocular case, however this Binocular Case doesn’t actually contain binos, but something more fortifying. It is a cocktail set in disguise, equipped with two glasses and two bespoke Connolly Jerry Cans; the Perfect hip flasks. If your heart is set on drinking you can slip into a Negroni cocktail as it if were an oversized herringbone Connolly coat; your binoculars case is open for business. Like our other items designed by Sebastian Conran, it has been finished with our trademark details such as a ‘Made in England’ tonneau clips, usually found on vintage cars. Each one is made by an individual craftsman from start to finish and there are only a limited number of pieces at any one time. This item is available in store, 4 Clifford Street. and at the Connolly corner on the third floor of Fortnum and Mason.