Connolly Picks #2

Perfumer H

Words: Ollie Horne
Photos: Richard Gaston

On leafy Crawford Street in Marylebone is Perfumer H, a shop and working laboratory in one, where Lyn Harris – the only classically trained female Nose in the country - creates her scents from natural ingredients. Inside, Perfumer H fragrance candles burn and emit their scent, whilst the jewel toned interiors, designed by Retrouvius, draw the focus of the room to the handblown glass fragrance bottles on display. Harris produces a Seasonal Editions range, consisting of five essential scent families of citrus, flora, wood, fern and oriental, whilst her Laboratory Editions explore specific notes, as well as the home fragrance candles. For a truly bespoke service, a private consultation with Harris offers the chance to create an exclusive perfume.