Copyright Norman Parkinson Ltd/Courtesy Norman Parkinson Archive


Photographic Exhibition at Connolly

The Norman Parkinson Archive holds prints from the beginning of Parkinson’s career in the mid 1930s when he was working for newspapers and magazines including The Sketch, Bystander and Harper’s Bazaar. The majority of the vintage photographs on display at Connolly derive from Parkinson’s time at Vogue in the 1940s and 1950s and are original working prints produced for the magazine’s layouts. As a result, they are unique historical artefacts as well as beautiful photographs, featuring the original annotations from Parkinson, picture editors, pre-digital re-touching and the Vogue stamps on the reverse.

Come and see some great work by one of Britain’s finest photographers here at Connolly until September.

Prices range from £2000 to £9000 for a limited edition print