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Photographic Exhibition at Connolly

To celebrate the Frieze Art Fair (Regent’s Park London 5th – 8th October 2017), Connolly England are exhibiting works by Heinz Hajek-Halke, the iconic German photographer who pushed the boundaries of photographic techniques in a career spanning across much of the 20th Century.

In his early career, much interrupted by the two world wars, Hajek-Halke worked in film, poster design and publishing before turning to photography. He experimented with light montages, double exposures, photo-collages and photomontages.

In 1948, he joined the emerging experimental photographic community in Germany, the Fotoform group. In the 1950s, his work was included in several key shows of abstract experimental photography, such as Otto Steinert’s Subjektive Photographie exhibitions and the 1954 Photokina show in Cologne.

He became a photography and graphic arts professor at the School of Fine Arts, Berlin and was an active member of the German photography community, publishing his book on photogram techniques, Lichtgraphik. At this time, Hajek-Halke renewed his early interests in the cameraless photogram and in creating photographic abstractions by means of a wide variety of darkroom techniques he had mastered before the Second World War.
It is these later works that Connolly are delighted to exhibit.

12 of this pioneering artist’s most iconic works will be on display at 4 Clifford Street, London W1 from 5th October to February 2018.