The Connolly Guest Newsletter Series

With Sam Walton

Creative Director and Publisher of Hole & Corner Magazine

1. What's new?
Actually lots is new…but a few highlights for Hole & Corner, our growing series of events and experiences, I’m hosting weaver Maria Sigma at my home in Dorset for two days of workshops, we also have a new partnership with Heckfield Place starting on the 4th & 5th of April which should be a lovely event to attend. And finally we have moved our studio to Bruton, Somerset - a local commute finally.

2. What's your favourite way to waste time?
I could say walking and cooking, but realistically it is watching football – way too much time.

3. What do you tune in to on a car journey?
My car stereo is not my friend, I have constant battles and switch radio stations every few minutes. I did create a 6 hour playlist for a drive between Jodhpur and Jaipur last year, that’s a good listen on Spotify (username: samlukewalton).

4. What's your favourite road movie?
Tough to choose but I love the scene in Withnail & I where Richard E Grant takes the wheel ‘I’m Making Time’.

5. Who is your ideal travelling companion?
A decent stack of podcasts.

6. What is your favourite view?
Before our recent move back to the West Country it was the last 5 minutes of my journey back from the train station (after 8 years of London commuting), I drive over one of the highest points in Dorset (Win Green) on the Wiltshire border before descending down into my village. I have stopped the car so many times to photograph the sun setting over the hills, truly stunning.

7. What is the fastest speed at which you have travelled on land?
I was on a press trip last year, travelling 138mph along a straight road in the Cotswolds, as a passenger I might add – terrifying. I think I said something along the lines of ‘I have two kids!’.

8. If you could invent a motoring accessory, what would it be?
My creative agency works with Rolls Royce so I have seen a few accessories over the last few years – I’m not sure I have much to add that hasn’t already been commissioned for the motoring world.

9. When in London....
Unfortunately I am mainly there for meetings these days, but if there’s a window of opportunity – a swift half, or full, pint, at one of the few proper London pubs is not to be passed up.

10. Do you have a Connolly favourite?
Hard to pick, but I always love the knitwear.