The Connolly Guest Newsletter Series

With Jonathan Connolly

Fourth generation Jonathan Connolly continues to uphold the brand, manufacturing Connolly leather with the exceptional and unique quality it has always been recognised for.

1. What's new?
Just in the middle of developing a new luxurious range of leather called Napalux.
It has a beautiful natural look with a gentle aroma; really looking forward to launching it soon.

2. What's your favourite way to waste time?
I can spend hours looking for old motor racing videos on Youtube. Anything from the 1950s up to the mid 1980s. If it has anything to do with my hero Gilles Villeneuve then so much the better.

3. What do you tune in to on a car journey?
Mostly the radio, although quite a few of the cars I drive are a little noisy in the cockpit which makes anything other than listening to the engine a little difficult!

4. What's your favourite road movie?
Not so much a road movie but a fast drive through 1970s Paris early in the morning in a Ferrari Daytona: C’Etait un Rendezvous. Slightly dodgy sound dubbing but the V12 engine noise takes quite a lot of beating.

5. Who is your ideal travelling companion?
A few candidates for this but probably my elder brother. We seem to be able to put up with each other in fairly stressful motorsport situations like the East African Safari Rally.

6. What is your favourite view?
The view over the Weald of Kent from the back of our house. It changes every day.

7. What is the fastest speed at which you have travelled on land?
200 mph driving a Ferrari F40 in Germany coming back from a presentation to Mercedes Design about 20 years ago.

8. If you could invent a motoring accessory, what would it be?
Automatic inflatable chauffeur option when the driving gets tedious.

9. When in London....
A perfect day in London would involve a very long lunch somewhere like Elystan Street or Scotts with a group of good friends.

10. Do you have a Connolly favourite?
I don’t have a favourite.It’s all beautiful !!