The Connolly Guest Newsletter Series

With Dickie Bannenberg

Multi award-winning yacht designer, with a taste for cars!

1. What's new?
An empty nest. Cue filling the diary with concerts and humanitarian laundry drops. And I should probably try to resume my saxophone, after stalling at Grade 6.

2. What's your favourite way to waste time?
Imagining that Spurs will win the Premiership. It’s the hope that gets you in the end as I’m often told.

3. What do you tune in to on a car journey?
The Reunion on Radio 4 if my timings are right. Compelling listening, bringing together people involved in significant events like the formation of the SDP, which currently feels almost burningly relevant. Otherwise it’s Oscar Peterson or Bach.

4. What's your favourite road movie?
Sideways, with the wonderful Paul Giamatti – a slightly angst-ridden tale of two middle-aged men on a road trip through the Californian wine country. I’m not sure if it’s good to have this as a favourite.

5. Who is your ideal travelling companion?
My wife Susan (apart from the well-meant driving advice and occasional cries of alarm…).

6. What is your favourite view?
Anchored in a bay at dawn. Greek island preferred.

7. What is the fastest speed at which you have travelled on land?
Looking through my fingers, it was over 200kph in the back of a German taxi on an autobahn near Bremen. In the rain.

8. If you could invent a motoring accessory, what would it be?
A device to catch and consolidate cocker spaniel hairs. Or a black box which prevents people aimlessly scrolling through their phone while parked with the engine idling.

9. When in London....
Buy fresh bagels in Brick Lane; listen to a concert at Wigmore Hall; drink a Negroni at a Soho House. (NOTE: Important to do these in the right order…)

10. Do you have a Connolly favourite?
Connolly Vaumol Shade 3104 – a wonderful rich terracotta colour. I used it to retrim the DB4 that once belonged to my Dad.

This drawing is credited to Dickie's father Jon Bannenberg; illustrated for his grandson Jack.