Connolly Picks #1

The Glade at Sketch

Words: Ollie Horne
Photos: Richard Gaston

Downstairs, inside Mourad Mazouz’s Michelin-starred multivenue Sketch, lies The Glade, an enchanted woodland-themed bar and dining room. Redesigned by artists Carolyn Quartermaine and Didier Mahieu in 2017, a soft, springy carpet resembling a mossy forest floor lies under foot. A decoupage forest emerges from the walls, illuminated by shifting beams of light as if dappled sunlight were breaking through the canopy. Velvet chairs in green and violet surround mirrored table tops that shimmer like pools of water, and small oak shelves project from behind the bar like fungi growing from a tree trunk. Serving a classical French lunch throughout the day; breakfast on weekends; and an exotic cocktail menu in the evening, Glade is a mysterious, beguiling feast for all the senses.