No. 4 Clifford Street

The Connolly shop in Mayfair’s Clifford Street lies at the heart of the company. It is - literally - the home, not only of the business, but of its owner and creative director. In time-honoured shopkeeper tradition, Isabel Ettedgui does actually live ‘above the shop’.

Entering No. 4 Clifford Street, the visitor immediately feels swept into the world of Connolly, but the beautiful product is only part of that sensation. The quality and aesthetics of the interior and all its details are what make it feel so special. Spread over three floors, each space is completely distinctive yet feels part of a coherent whole. The floors are linked by the remarkable and sculptural black wooden staircase. The palette of black, dark grey, white, cream and honey-beige weaves through different walls, floors, carpets and shelving. The lighting, making full use of the latest tiny LED fittings, is extraordinarily subtle.

This is all the work of Gilles & Boissier. Founded in Paris in 2004 by Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier, the practice has become known for its timeless elegance, using natural colours, textures and materials in a distinctly modern way. The duo have become much sought-after as designers of the very best restaurants, shops and hotels with clients such as Moncler, Hogan, Baccarat, Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons.

And to add a further dimension to this special project, Gilles & Boissier have created a small range of furniture and lighting set in its own dedicated space on the first floor, looking out over Clifford Street. This is the first time their designs have been available to the public. So if, like many, you feel you would actually like to live in the gorgeous Connolly shop, at least you can do the next best thing and take part of it home with you.

To inquire about furniture in the Connolly shop, please contact Ania on +44 207 952 6708 or [email protected]