Friends of Connolly #4

With Justin Min

Photography by Richard Stapleton

Justin H. Min is a Korean-American actor and writer based in Los Angeles. His most recent project has been playing the character of Ben Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy, a major Netflix television series. The show, which follows the lives of a dysfunctional family of superhero siblings, was watched by 45 million people in the first month of its release in April 2019.

Min will also appear alongside Colin Farrell in After Yang, written and directed by Kogonada, whose debut, Columbus, was premiered in the Sundance Film Festival in 2017. The upcoming film is a science fiction drama following the life of a family who have purchased a robot babysitter called Yang, played by Min.

Min is also a writer. He frequently contributes stories to Cereal Magazine, and is also exploring writing for the screen.