Friends of Connolly #3

with Fong Min Liao

Fong Min Liao is a Chinese-American painter, born in San Francisco and currently living in Los Angeles. She has exhibited her work in solo shows in Los Angeles and New York in 2018.

Growing up with art as a means of personal expression, Liao consciously decided to eschew a formal art education, and instead explores and educates herself through artmaking – a process which continues to this day.

Liao paints rounded and abstract forms, in a carefully selected and minimal colour palette. She arrived at this particular style in one of the most testing times of her life, seeking solace in the tension and balance between the lines of these forms.

“It became a form of meditation for me, and eventually an extension of who I am,” she says. “I became focused on discovering the balance between the negative spaces in the paintings. In a way, it was a reflection of me trying to find balance and serenity in my own life.”

Liao is interested in beauty in its essential and simplest forms, and is inspired by Agnes Martin’s perspective on what beauty means. Liao believes her artmaking arises out of a curiosity about one’s self, and seeks to connect with herself through her visual language, in order to connect with others. She hopes people will find “what they have always sought”, when experiencing her art.