Domenica More-Gordon

Archie an exhibition of Illustrations and Dogs

Domenica More-Gordon is an artist and illustrator based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She began her creative career studying textile design at Central St Martins and Central School of Art, London. During her time as a student the only thing which really excited her were the amazingly styled pages inTheWorld of Interiors....“they were wildly creative, surprising and new. Min Hogg and Wendy Harrop, creative directors, became my heroes and I worshipped them.”

After a stint at Homes and Gardens Magazine she found herself working at The World of Interiors; designing sets and directing photoshoots. It was here she first meet fellow employee Isabel Ettedgui, owner of Connolly.

“Domenica was like a breath of fresh air. She had such a talent, a unique take, an almost surreal approach to our work — imagination and finesse. It was such a joy from the start and this joy is still so evident in all she creates;Archie is completely compelling” Isabel Ettedgui

After starting her family she wanted to spend more time at home and so began drawing and making. “I did my first solo exhibition from a table in the bedroom” she says. “My second from a shed in the garden and my third from a grown up studio where I have produced 5 Archie books, solo shows for Arts and Science in Tokyo and Jupiter Art Land, dreamed up mini animations stories which came to life with the help of a techno wizard called Scott McHenry....and designed fabrics for Chelsea Textiles”. Domenica More-Gordon

Archie is a charming stop motion film made in the UK and commissioned for the BBC.