The Connolly 2019 summer collection is all about an exotic holiday. Simple silhouettes and obvious contrasts between plain and patterned fabrics. The custom leopard print brought about in a soft chintz cotton is perfectly paired and created into a complex intarsia knit cardigan, in cashmere no less. To layer the leopard look designer Marc Audibet has designed the leopard trench, unlined and ultralight, this is the knockout look.

Following from the success of the tailoring Audibet has commissioned an exclusive Ikat fabric, famous for its Indonesian meaning “to bind together. The cream Ikat double breasted suit ties together the tailoring with a feminine approach and a short and cinched waist.

These garments are best brought together in the shared wardrobe for an evening look or summer black tie. Our long shirts and liquettes return in new chambray cottons as well as a soft pale blue leopard print. The backdrop for this exotic holiday wardrobe is Leighton house, the cool colours of the tiles and the spirit of summer in this house.

All Connolly products are designed and made using the best fabrics, yarns and materials sourced and made in Britain and Europe to guarantee quality, longevity and an ethical conscience and sustainability.


Photography: Iringó Demeter
Styling: Chi-San Wan
Hair and Make Up: Helena Kastensson
Models: Gabriella (First), Malik (Supa)
Location: Leighton House