Leather is at the heart of Connolly's story. The collection of small leather goods underlines the commitment to beautiful materials, fine craftsmanship and individual design. This collection was designed by Couli Jobert.


Photography Richard Foster
Art Direction Natalie Frost

NuBuck Tote Bag

Burgundy Tote Bag with 24 Hour Case
£1100 Tote, £1500 Case

Burgundy Tote Bag with Cashmere Yellow Driving Sweater
£1100 Tote, £850 Sweater

Burgundy Sea Bag with Drop Back Car Vest
£1800 Sea Bag, £285 Vest

Black Satchel

Colonial Briefcase

Large Wash Bag and Small Wash Bag
£580 Large, £510 Small

8&8 and Cow Car Cufflinks on Cashmere Gigi Driving Sweater
£800 Cufflinks, £550 Sweater